Fermented Foods You Should be Eating

Why did Americans stop eating fermented foods?

Even our food companies have replaced traditional fermented foods like ketchup, sauerkraut, salsa, and pickles with unhealthy vinegar and sugar based alternatives.  Our cheeses were aged and our breads were fermented and raised with a traditional sourdough, rather than commercial yeast. It’s no wonder so many of us have digestive problems.

Did you know that we can aid our digestion by adding these delicious fermented foods into our diet? When we digest our food properly, we can absorb all of the nutrients in them that our bodies need. On top of that, the nutrients in fermented foods are much easier for our bodies to digest. They also contain probiotics which help to maintain gut health.


fermented foods

I used to be afraid to try fermenting my own food because I thought I would poison myself, but it is much easier than you think.  One of the easiest fermented foods to make is sauerkraut.  I love this versatile food, and I use it so many ways or sometimes just eat it right out of the jar. All you need is a head of cabbage and salt to turn fresh cabbage into a food loaded with Vitamin B, C, and K as well as loads of probiotics!

fermented sauerkraut

Try these too!

Some other fermented foods to try adding to your diet are kombucha which is a fermented black tea and another of my favorite probiotics that costs pennies to make at home. Some other great choices are tempeh, miso, kefir, kimchi, pickled vegetables, and grass-fed yogurt.

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